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The Most Common Arkansas Tree Types

Arkansas is home to a myriad of tree types. When the first European settlers arrived in the region, it was more than 80% percent forest. While slightly over 45% percent is still forested, it is fortunate that many Arkansas Trees have survived industrialization and heavy logging.

If you happen to have trees on your estate in Arkansas that you’re curious about or are just interested in finding out which trees are native to Arkansas, then this article is for you.

Pine Trees

Pine Trees is also called Arkansas Tree, and it happens to be the state’s tree. However, the region is home to several different types of pine trees. We have the shortleaf pine, which is the most common and also referred to as the Southern Yellow Pine or Yellow Pine.

It is easy to identify pines with their thin and straight stature with an extensive network of branches. Looking up, it is hard not to notice the green needles near the top of these pines.

Loblolly pines are fairly common towards the south. These are fast-growing trees and are valuable assets for the timber industry. They happen to be harvested by many large timber businesses in the south.

Oak Trees

Oak trees happen to be a pretty common Arkansas tree with 29 different species. Generally, oak trees are large and broad offering shelter to anyone and everyone from the Arkansas summer heat. However, the most commonly available oak is called black oak, the name mainly stems from the fact that the bark darkens with age similar to wrinkles on a human being. On the other hand, the white oak takes longer to grow but tends to live longer.

Hickory Trees

Hickory trees are generally found wherever you see shortleaf pine trees and oaks. Black hickory is the most commonly found across the Ouchitas and Ozarks usually growing on mountainsides. These trees are easily identifiable with their tear-shaped leaves which turn yellow in winter and their human edible nuts.

Red Maple Trees

The beautiful fall color of these trees easily given them away. Most people plant them around homes because they grow quickly and look beautiful with those red leaves.

Sugar maple is another species you’ll find around Northwest Arkansas and is the source of sap which is turned into maple syrup.

Less Common Arkansas tree types

While oaks, maples, and pines are common, there are a couple of other which are less common but still native to the region.

Osage Orange tree: They are also referred to as hedge apple and are easy to spot when they have large green fruit that tends to hit the ground in September and October. However, since these trees are often covered with millions of thorns, they were the shielding of choice for farmers before the invention of barbed wire.

Devil’s Walkingstick: It is a small, shrub-like Arkansas tree with a thin trunk that’s covered in very sharp spines. It resembles a thorny walking stick. The purple berries it produces aren’t good for human consumption but are prized by local bears. So, anywhere you see these trees, there is a chance that a bear isn’t too far away.


While Arkansas does have a couple of other trees, they aren’t native to the region. Trees like the Chinaberry are incorrectly assumed to be native when in fact they were imported from Asia back in 1830. Some trees have become near impossible to find. That being said if you have a couple of trees on your property chances are they are any one or all of the ones discussed above.

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