How to Care for Trees with Roots Showing Above Ground

Overgrown Tree Roots

Do you have a problematic tree in your compound? One of the main tree problems faced by homeowners is trees which have showing roots. For some, the quick solution would be to cut down the tree. However, there are many other ways of taking care of such trees. The good news is that surface tree roots are common and should not be a cause for worry. Here are ways on how to care for trees with roots showing above the ground.

Know the Cause of Surface Roots

There are various reasons why roots show. Some trees get exposed roots when they become too old. Some trees are prone to showing roots than others. For some trees, showing roots could be an indicator of lack of or little topsoil. Knowing the reason why your trees’ roots are showing will help you deal with the problem better.

Short-term Solutions

Dealing with showing tree roots is as easy as finding a barrier material to prevent the roots from growing further. Some people use plastic or fabric. Another solution would be to cut the exposed roots. However, the root might grow back or get damaged in the process.

Long-term Solutions: Why Hire a Professional?

One of the easiest ways of dealing will exposed roots is by planting something else to cover the area. This will require the addition of topsoil before planting on it. Monkey grass is one of the best grasses to plant to cover up exposed roots. It is also easy to maintain and will offer the right amount of ground cover you need to cover the exposed parts.

Hiring a good tree specialist like Little Rock Tree Service is important if you want to deal with exposed tree roots for the long-term. The company has tree specialist who are trained and certified to handle all tree cases that you may consider complex. All you have to do is call today for a quote.

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