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Most Frequently Asked Question About Our Tree Services

During the meeting,  our Arborist will meet you on your property, discuss your concerns/goals for your trees & shrubs, evaluate the health of your trees and shrubs, and craft a proposal  based on the needs of your property.

You can contact us by calling us or by submitting your information through the contact form on this website. 

Your time is valuable and we understand that your schedule may conflict. The majority of clients are not home during the business hours. The client does not need to be present during the performance of the work. The crews are provided with a work order reflecting the services and job specifications contracted by the client along with a map of the property.

We try to accommodate our client’s schedule. However, we are a weather dependent service company and this may affect our scheduled routes. Our scheduling department will efficiently schedule services in advance, you may receive confirmation via email or phone regarding the expected service date, unless confirmed or agreed upon in advance.

Depending on the scope of work contracted, the practices of our general tree work crews are to chip up the resulting debris and remove from your property. If contracted, large wood will be hauled and disposed of (this may be performed by a different crew). The areas where work was performed will be blown off with the leaf blower and raked.

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