What time of the year is it best to for tree trimming?

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Apart from depending on the species, the trimming requirements of the trees are going to vary a great extent on the purpose of the trimming. If it is important to trim the tree since it is creating a safety hazard or because the branches have all died, it will be possible to perform the trimming at any time of the year.

Nevertheless, it will be imperative to consider the overall health of the tree prior to thinking of trimming it whatsoever. Here it is important to note that if we perform the trimming process at any incorrect time of the year, it might result in the spread of harmful ailments in the long run. For instance, it is important to prune the oak trees only during the winter months once the trees remain dormant since it will prevent the spread of oak wilt, a typical fungal disease.

In general, it will be possible to perform a light summer trimming on the majority of the deciduous trees out there. Heavier trimming can be performed in the late winter season when the tree becomes dormant. In wintertime, there are certain trees like maple which are known to bleed sap excessively and they have to be trimmed during the cold months when the trees are dormant. On the other hand, one must trim spring-flowering shrubs such as forsythia within 14 days of flowering since they bloom on the growth of the previous season. If the trees trimmed at any other time of the year, its ability to display flowers will be reduced or even eliminated completely.

Minimum trimming will also be required by most of the conifers out there. It will be vital to trim needled evergreens like fir and spruce during late winter prior to the commencement of the growth. On the contrary, it will be possible to prune yew during early summer and also during spring. One must not perform the trimming later in the season because the new development of the tree can be hampered significantly by the cold temperatures.

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